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Looking for a costume in NC? Here you'll be able to find all the costume stores in North Carolina. Whether you are looking for a halloween costume, costume ideas, costume accessories, or costume rental, simply choose the North Carolina city to find all the providers in your area.

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*****  "THE" Place for Costumes in Raleigh
by tmann on September 12th, 2011
on Hughie & Louie's
We rent all of our costumes from Hughie and Louie's for our pageants / plays. We get amazing costumes, a fair price and excellent customer service. We buy makeup, latex or rubber prosthetics, theatrical makeup, and accessories. They have a huge selection of wigs at every price point. If we need something they don't have Louie always offers to order something in with no additional charge with only a two day wait. She even suggests where else in town we might find what we need. She is full of suggestions when we have no idea how to achieve a desired result. Louie is the best source for theatrical supplies in the area.
*****  good store
by papa clown on September 7th, 2008
on Party City
Great selection of adult and kids costumes.

Types of Costumes

Costumes come in many different types. Find halloween costumes, masks, accessories and ideas in your town. Costumes sizes range from baby, infant, children, boys, girls, all the way to men and women's adult sizes. Stores typically offer rentals for elaborate fashions.