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Charleston, South Carolina Costume Stores

Looking for a costume in Charleston, SC? Here you'll be able to find all the costume stores in Charleston, South Carolina. Whether you are looking for a halloween costume, costume ideas, costume accessories, or costume rental, you will be able to find all the resources you need.

Newest Charleston, South Carolina Reviews & Comments:
*****  Better than RogerJ says
by ElizM on October 28th, 2009
on Hokus Pokus Entertainment
The comment made by RogerJ is absolutely not true. I was in the store not but two days ago and was perfectly satisfied with it. The store offers a wonderful array of costume choices for any age. Yes, there are adult costumes and heels, BUT, they are kept on the far right side of the store, completely opposite of the children's section. Truthfully, unless you brought your small child over to the other side of the store, there would be no way for them to have exposure to that type of clothing due to all of the merchandise blocking the line of sight.

Their costumes were not in ripped bags and covered in dirt and mildew. They were in perfectly good condition. The employees at this store do their best to maintain the quality of the merchandise. They are also extremely helpful!

I would recommend this store to anyone in search of a costume or halloween decorations!

Also...in regard to the "half naked girl in heels"...the picture is in fact there in the window, but not visible from the road as you drive by. They have a hearse in the parking lot blocking it.
*****  quality store
by amanda n. on October 25th, 2009
on Hokus Pokus Entertainment
treshas to be found.
*****  They must be kidding
by Doug on October 25th, 2009
on Hokus Pokus Entertainment
How riduculously puritanical can someone be? This costume shop is great and they provide a wonderful fun way to escape the stick in the ___ Southern prudes.
*****  Customer Service Plus
by Da Momma on October 12th, 2009
on Hokus Pokus Entertainment
I love this store! It is well stocked, and carries everything a person needs to do whatever costumes suits their fancy. They have a large collection of professional costumes that can be rented and lots of props and accessories. The staff is well versed in make-up and wigs to complete the look. It is fun to shop, and the staff will always help with any questions. This is one of my favorite stores in Charleston.
*****  Horrible-Dirty- Adult Novelties
by RogerJ on February 9th, 2009
on Hokus Pokus Entertainment
I am shocked at how badly this store has gotten over the last few years. They're located almost across the street from that old adult book store place in West Ashley and they have a big sign up in front of the shop depicting a half-naked girl in high heels so that just looks trashy. That might be ok in the red light district or Vegas, but not in Charleston on a main road. Inside the dark musty store, the costumes are in very poor shape - many are dirty, faded, torn or hanging out of bags. They are mostly "adult" products in there - lots of latex and rubber stuff and spike heel boots that should be kept out of childrens' sight, if you know what I mean. I'm surprised they don't sell lube in there to put the skin-tight costumes on - yuck!

I went in there recently to inquire about a party rental and when I was shown one of their bounces, I was disgusted at all the dirt and mildew on it that I would not put my childrens' health at risk by renting from them ever. Those people need to call it quits or maybe take up a new hobby such as opening a strip club?

Costume stores in Charleston, South Carolina:

Contact Address Phone Number Map
After Care Essentials 1365 Ashley River Rd Ste A
Charleston, SC 29407-5379
(843) 571-5907 Map
All Occasions-The Party Division 3555 Meeting Street Rd
Charleston, SC 29405-7715
(843) 554-6334 Map
Chic Wig Boutique 630 Skylark Dr
Charleston, SC 29407-1718
(843) 766-9424 Map
Granny's Goodies 301 King St
Charleston, SC 29401-1410
(843) 577-6200 Map
Hair & Gift 5341 Dorchester Rd Unit 9u
Charleston, SC 29418-5618
(843) 552-0803 Map
Hair Q Beauty Supply 3025 Ashley Phosphate Rd
Charleston, SC 29418-8447
(843) 402-9400 Map
Hokus Pokus Entertainment 1015 Saint Andrews Blvd
Charleston, SC 29407-7136
(843) 556-6607 Map
Jacob's Hair Replacement Center 1001 Saint Andrews Blvd
Charleston, SC 29407-7136
(843) 556-4247 Map
Musc-The Looking Glass 86 Jonathan Lucas St
Charleston, SC 29403-6824
(843) 792-2000 Map
Party City 1987 Sam Rittenberg Blvd
Charleston, SC 29407-4860
(843) 769-5116 Map
Star Beauty & Fashion 5060 Dorchester Rd Ste 240
Charleston, SC 29418-5686
(843) 767-0266 Map
Theatrics Unlimited Incorporated 981 King St
Charleston, SC 29403-4140
(843) 722-2326 Map
Yong's Wig World 3655 Rivers Ave
Charleston, SC 29405-7727
(843) 744-3757 Map

Types of Costumes

Costumes come in many different types. Find halloween costumes, masks, accessories and ideas in your town. Costumes sizes range from baby, infant, children, boys, girls, all the way to men and women's adult sizes. Stores typically offer rentals for elaborate fashions.