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Alexandria, Virginia Costume Stores

Looking for a costume in Alexandria, VA? Here you'll be able to find all the costume stores in Alexandria, Virginia. Whether you are looking for a halloween costume, costume ideas, costume accessories, or costume rental, you will be able to find all the resources you need.

Newest Alexandria, Virginia Reviews & Comments:
*****  So-So
by Shirley on May 13th, 2010
on Party Depot Incorporated
This Party depot happens to be a little junky and the employees have a bad additude but the prices are good

Costume stores in Alexandria, Virginia:

Contact Address Phone Number Map
Ace Wig & Hair 360 S Pickett St
Alexandria, VA 22304-4704
(703) 504-6900 Map
Changing Faces 2301 Huntington Ave
Alexandria, VA 22303-1529
(703) 960-5300 Map
Crown Wigs 706 King St
Alexandria, VA 22314-3015
(703) 549-7900 Map
Hollywood Fashion Wigs 716 King St
Alexandria, VA 22314-3015
(703) 548-8181 Map
Party Depot Incorporated 6700 Richmond Hwy # 9
Alexandria, VA 22306
(703) 768-9030 Map

Types of Costumes

Costumes come in many different types. Find halloween costumes, masks, accessories and ideas in your town. Costumes sizes range from baby, infant, children, boys, girls, all the way to men and women's adult sizes. Stores typically offer rentals for elaborate fashions.